• I am Slingblades, i'm a 35 y/o gamer that has been playing MC for a few months now. I am interested in joining Stoundbound servers to continue playing with two members you have here [Triksteve and solclaim]. I am currently in Eastern North Carolina , USA where i have lived all my life. I currently use MC as a time killer after work. I drive a truck and sometimes have a lot of down time.

    For right now i would like to play and hang out with friends. I have played mod MC since I have picked up MC. I like the challenge of SF3 and the mods that go with it. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

    Thanks for looking

  • Retired

    You're whitelisted, mmmhmm.

    Actually, it appears you copy/pasted another player's app with minor modifications. Please edit and @mention me when you're ready for me to review again.

  • Retired

    @solclaim do you know Slingblades?

  • @ArbitraryHubris

    i do we'v played Mc for quite a while when we both have down time from work.. mostly in the evenings. i sent him here to fill out his app told him to make sure he has all the info you needed to approve for the white list, Lol looks kind of like mine .. he might of done it while he was waiting at a Doc apt cause i told him this is a great place to hang out. Any more questions i'd be happy to help


  • @ArbitraryHubris

    Sorry about that I did copy/paste solclaim's to make sure that I had the information I needed and plugged in my information and deleted his information. More less using it as a guide. If I did something wrong I do apologize for that. Solclaim said I could look at his as a guide. I was trying to make it faster due to me sitting in the doctors office.

  • Staff

    @ArbitraryHubris just boarded his plane, so I'm gonna go ahead and whitelist you.
    Thanks to you two clearing everything up! Welcome to Stonebound ;)

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