• Hello , so my in game name is Deivux007 , i'am 18 i live in the Lithuania . I've been playing minecraft 4 years and i play a lot of vanilla minecaft and not so much modded minicraft becouse its realy hard to find good server where i can comunicate with other players and ask some question about mods or some other thing . I was made brake from minecraft but when i see SkyFactory 3 i was realy happy about that . but then i cannot find any good server . So as i looked for a new server to play on cause most open servers have closed due to either conflicts with sponge forge . I Found this server when i was looking for new server and i found on the ftb server list you guys!! Then i think i can make application for SkyFactory 3 and meybe i be lucky :D Deivux007

  • Staff

    the pack is super broken, can't blame other servers for not wanting to deal with that..
    Have fun on the server, just whitelisted you!

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