Disabled block/items

  • Patron

    Can we get a list of everything disabled specifically for this server? I would like to be able to plan out my progression better but keep running into a key part being disabled.

  • Staff

    Recipes currently removed:
    All Extra Utilities compressed blocks due to dupe when broken, replaced with other compressed cobble, open issue

    hatchery:animalnet - due to dupe bug
    dimensionalcake:blockEndCake - to avoid confusion since the end is disabled
    darkutils:timer - disabled due to performance
    botania:forestDrum:1 - drum of gathering, causes crashloop when used

    Otherwise there are no recipes removed, only other changes is that we disabled nether and end since we can't get them to be a void world due to sponge issues, see here and here.

  • Patron

    thank you, I wan really excited to do chickens but without that net its useless. not sure what to do now.

    Edit: that extra utils replacement breaks the new deep dark too

  • Staff

    yeah, the chickens issue is unfortunate you could always just do the resource crops
    the deep dark is disabled in this pack by default

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