• Hello,

    My name is Brandon, I'm 26, and I'm currently living in Washington state. I've had Minecraft since the vanilla days, but didn't play it much till now. A friend of mine got me to try it again with the FTB Revelations pack and, after playing around with it a bit, we're looking to join a server. I don't remember which servers I used to play on, but I have never been banned. I play quite a number of different games however, gaming is just one of my many hobbies. I look forward to hopefully joining you in discord and learning more about this pack and the game. Thank you for your time.

  • Staff

    Hey BladeAffinity!

    No time like the present to get back into minecraft :P .

    Thank you for your interest in the server, I've gone ahead and added you to the whitelist

    Hope to see you on the server soon! :)

  • Thank you very much! I'll definitely be joining you all with that fresh reset you're doing

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