• 21, Brazil
    Never got banned or lied about my age. Started playing Minecraft back in 1.2 beta, squids were added in that update, still scared of them up to this day lol . Needless to say I've spent quite some time playing the game, had a couple vanilla servers with my friends. A few years back, a friend of mine introduced me to modpacks and that changed the game forever for me. Recently, I started playing the new ftb 1.12.2 pack and I'm looking for a mature community with a Discord to engage in some fine modded minecrafting. The mods I enjoy the most are the scientific ones: IC2, RFTools, AE2, etc. Also enjoy a lot playing around with all the different trees and wood types.

  • Staff

    Hey Cacs,
    thanks for dropping by and applying, you're added to the white-list.
    Enjoy playing with the community!