• Hi my names Max,
    Im from Southern Jersey.
    Im 21 ive been playing minecraft since late alpha.
    Im looking for a friendly modded community to play with as i get back into modded minecraft.
    Ive never been banned from a server.
    Ive owned and been an admin on multiple servers.
    I actually found stonebound threw the internal server search engine on FTB Revelations.

    I do have a mic and discord so i can voice verify if need be.

    In summary im a pretty relaxed guy just looking for a friendly group of like minded gamers to hang with and just play some minecraft.

    Thank you for your consideration!

  • Hey this is just me trying to bump my application to get a response-

  • Staff

    Hi Max!
    Thanks for your application and my deepest apologies for the delayed response, you've been added to our white-list now, so you can finally hop onto our servers and meet the people!
    Sorry again, and have a nice day.

  • Not a problem at all! Thank you so much cant wait to join the community!

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