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    Country: USA
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    I have been into Minecraft since the beta versions. I started playing Modded servers and then I found out about Feed The Beast. I have stayed on FTB for 3 years of playing all of the different modpacks and different mods. Still haven't learned all of them even though that I would like to. My favorite Mod is AE2 eventhough I have never built a huge machine. I play guitar and I have a wife and 3 girls. I only work 4 days a week and I will have some off time that I would like to spend on a good server. One that is not just about doing things themselves and possibly teaching others how to use certain mods. I want to learn every single mod that is in this pack. I don't really like the Bee's Mod but I will learn it eventually because there has to be a good reason that everyone wants to put that mod into their modpacks. Maybe someone can tell me, or make some suggestions.

  • Staff

    Hey there, added to the whitelist.
    I think the reason Forestry is in most packs is that it doesn't really interact with other mods, is well balanced and has a long history. It is just expected to be included.
    Anyway welcome to Stonebound and enjoy playing!

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