• Hi,

    I'm 18, and my in-game name is XOXOmegatronXOXO. I enjoy Minecraft and have so since I started playing it in early 2012. I got into modded Minecraft about 3 years ago where I played Attack of the B-Team. I would like to play on this server because of the lack of decent modpacks coming out recently. Considering it's been a while since any official packs have come out with decent mods. Especially excited that they updated Thermal expansion, Thermal Dynamics.. ETC...

    I found Stonebound on your post from the FTB server listing., and I am from Seattle Washington. From here on (If I get accepted) I hope I could be part of this perfectly capable amazing server from what I hear, and the reviews. Hopefully this pack will live up to it's capability and we (the server) can have fun with it.



  • Staff

    Welcome to the server! You've been whitelisted and you may join whenever you like.

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