• In game Name: Ultrux123

    I play alot of games. I always found Minecraft as a way to get away from most games that are stressful and i have been looking for some good modpacks to play as i have grown old of some modpacks and regular Minecraft. I also play Games like ArmA 3 and Ark. Have also played CS:GO but despite all those games i have always had a love for Minecraft as it expands my Artistic Opportunities. I believe that i would be a great addition to this server as i bring alot of experience to the table and could teach other players.

    I am 16 and was born January 29th, 2000.

    I found your server from a friend who recommended me to the server and i thought i would give it a shot!

  • Staff

    So you will be 16 later this month, but you're not 16 yet.

  • Staff

    Goddamnit. I forget that its 2017.

  • Staff

    Stupid Calendar.

  • Staff

    Well anyways welcome to the server. You've been whitelisted so you may join whenever you like.

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