• Username: LuckyCowShoe
    Where I'm From: New York, United States
    Age: 15
    How I found you: I was recommended by GameSpriter
    About Me: My Minecraft experience goes back into early Alpha days, I played vanilla day in and day out. About 4 years ago I started trying my hands with mods, manually installing them and having a blast. Later I discovered FTB and starting searching for servers to play on since modding became so easy. That's when I found a relatively small server running attack of the B-team. This is where I met my friend GameSpriter and we've been playing a variety of games together ever since. The server that I played on is now empty and I'm looking for a dedicated server to play modded Minecraft on. Something I'm able to return to after a long day to relax. This server seems like a perfect place to meet new people and play games. I'm excited to meet you and thank you in advance for even looking at this application.

  • Staff

    Welcome to the server. You've been whitelisted so you may join whenever you like.

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