• Hey there! My username's Aspherez but I go by the nickname Asph. I'm 19, my real name is Adam, and I live in Ohio. Been playing minecraft (especially modded) since tekkit classic. I was an admin on a fellow direwolf community known as Shadownode for over a year until we recently went down due to multiple reasons. I speak English and German fluently although I'll assume server is English only (correct me if I'm wrong). I'm also well seasoned with the mods in the main packs and I do enjoy helping out other players (hence admin experience). I've been looking for another community-focused group for a modded server and yours won the ticket. I hope you'll whitelist me and I look foward to playing and having some fun. Thanks!


    (also, by chance a forum mod can see it, I made a post earlier but I messed up the font and deleted it, disregard it please lol, thanks!)

  • Retired

    Hi, Aspherez. I saw your previous app. Very colorful :)

    You've been whitelisted and can join any of our servers.

    Welcome to Stonebound!

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