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    I am 22 years old and an incredibly long time veteran of heavily modded minecraft from back in the day where industrial craft 1 was the hottest thing. With the release of the new direwolf20 pack I have been looking around for a server to join. I prefer small mature servers to large ones because I enjoy the sense of community. With my longtime knowledge I do my best to help those who may be less familiar with certain mods if they ask. I like to build in a group if possible.

    Some personal information about me is that I am from Austin, Texas. I am a double major in Physics and Japanese Language at the University of Texas at Austin. I am incredibly competent when it comes to building large and intricate systems as a result but I do try to be aware of what causes lag to prevent problems from occurring. I was able to in effect "beat" expert FTB Infinity over the course of two weeks to give an idea of what I know.

    As long as my connection isn't a problem I would love to join you guys!

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    Welcome to Stonebound! I hope you enjoy it here. You've been whitelisted and are ready to jump on all of our servers.

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