• Real life name: Jamie
    IGN: Obvious_lemon
    Hello whoever reads this, my name is Jamie and i have been playing modded mc since Tekkit was created, once i set my sights on a pack i play often until real life pulls me off or when friends are grouping up for other games like overwatch. I live in cambridge UK and have recently gone to university so im limited to when i don't have work to do, which is surprisingly often. I can be a great builder when im motivated. I really enjoy server play as i can see other peoples play styles and various contraptions.

    have you ever been banned on a server and if so why: I Have been banned before but its been years since then, and the only reason i even know about it is because of applications like this were they dig it up and question you about it, i honestly have no idea why i was banned from "X" server 4 odd years ago :p

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