• ign:

    age: 18

    where are you from:

    have you ever been banned on a server and if so why:
    I have, because someone used MobDisguise and griefd in my name, but i was able to clear my name again

    anything you think you should add:
    Nothing inpeticular. Im a standard player, active, loyal and just in general a good guy. i also play other games, but been feeling the urge to play modded minecraft. i was in a whitelisted server from 2013-2015 but it has officially died sadly. i found this server by easily searching "ftb whitelisted server" on google, and after a little bit of digging and deciding i chose to try out for this one. my modded minecraft skills aint exacly anywhere close to being good, but im open to learn.

  • Staff

    Welcome to the server.

    We're glad to have you here. Hope you enjoy the community.

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