• Greetings :).
    My name is Anthony, and I am a 17 year old high school student from the United States. I found out about this server on a ftb server list after deciding that I wanted to play Revelations as my next modpack. I have not been banned from a server before, and strive to never be in the future. The only place I have ever lied about my age is to anyone who seems to be a bit too interested in how old I was over the internet in whatever form of chatroom, for my own safety. I would never lie on a formal application because that would be bad to my character.

    I have loved minecraft ever since a friend of mine tried to describe it to my in elementary school. And when I got home that day, I got hooked to PaulSoaresJr's "Survive and Thive" series. Ever since then I've been building things in my head; performing experiments in whatever mechanic tickles my fancy that day; plotting out the most efficient way to automate this or that. Once I had mastered vanilla Minecraft, I saw the videos on the Yogscasts tekkit series. And ever since then I have loved Modded Minecraft. It's the only thing I have never gotten bored of. After learning everything there was to learn in tekkit single player, I took to servers to teach and learn from others to increase my knowledge. I was then a mod on the quantekk tekkit server for about a year, before it closed down due to lack of interest in tekkit classic. Ever since then I have been looking for a new modpack, and community for my to stick with. In my search I have played about every tech mod that there is out there on about every tech modpack there is. My friends also dragged me into magic and adventure modpack which I had quite a bit of fun in, but never as much as tech. My favorite modpack is Age of Engineering, which I was introduced to by Direwolf20. My second picks would be the 1.7.10 pack, Agrarian Skies, then Voltz. I have been staff on a couple vanilla servers before my friends got bored of the server and left, taking me with them. The last pack and server I played on was the 1.7.10 pack, which I put countless hours into, but I was not a fan of the community on the server, and am now looking for a better place for myself. I am hoping that with a whitelisted server, the community will be much more tight knit and willing to help each other. My favorite mod type is anything tech based with large numbers of machines. If I had to pick, I'd say Immersive Engineering, Mekanism, or Rotary/PneumaticCraft. My favorite thing to do is make overly complicated machines to do annoying tasks that I don't won't to do by "hand", and putting my bed in the mess of machines where I spend most of my time.

    In real life my favorite thing to do is to make things. Whether it be benches or trellises or replacement parts for various objects. My current hobby is being on a FRC Team. (Standing for First Robotics Competition, which is an international nerd sport created by the First organization, For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology.) I am currently the mechanical lead of team 1425, Error Code Xero. My job is to manage the design and assembly of the robot that we use for competition. While I have been on the team, we have been quarterfinalists in the worlds competition, of which there are two of due to the size of the organization. In addition to minecraft I like to play: Factorio, Space Engineers, Overwatch, Destiny 1&2, Siege, GTA, and Forza among many others. Non robotics or gaming wise, my favorite thing to do is work on cars with my dad, our favorite being his 87 BMW 635CSI, or my C230 Kompressor Sport. My favorite class at the moment is AP chemistry, as I get to learn how things are formed and interact with each other. I'm sorry if that got a bit rambley.

    I thank you very much for your consideration at my application. I really hope you allow me to join your community as I am looking for a great, welcoming community to help my expand my understanding. And hopefully I can help them expand theirs in return. Have a fantastic day! :D


    (Im very sorry if the bottom 2/3 of my post are in a weird scrolley box, my phone is displaying it funky. I think I managed to fix it, but this is playing the safe game.)

  • Staff

    Hello Anthony,

    I've had a look through your application, and I am happy to inform you that as of this message, you have been added to our whitelist! Make sure you stop by our discord if you need any help, want to reminisce about older modpacks with some of our older members or just want to hang out.


    PS: Your application looked fine, and it was a very nice one to read at that! :smile: