• Hello I'm rockagie.

    I live in North America - 'merica, and is 27 y/o! I've dived deep into the Infinity Mod pack, until a friend of mine told me about the Revelation Mod. It had magic, so I was ALL FOR IT!

    Our search now is to find a server that hosts it! We asked Google, who led us to, that had your Banner fluttering on the page. I noticed White-listed, and said "Hey, cool, perhaps this will be a pretty chill server with a good community since you have to be interested in the community to be apart of it applying for whitelist" (: So here I am, applying for white-list.

    My fiance and I usually LAN host our Minecraft games so there's no way we have any bans on record. Our playing style while both online is that I'm a total scavenger/magic user, I love to explore and find stuff to bring back home. He, on the other hand, is all about machines/logistics and is a homebody. As for the magic user part, it is honestly because all the resources hes doesn't need for his machines, so I find use in them with magic.

    Other than that, we would like a world where we can share it with others~

    Thanks for reading this far!

  • Staff

    Hello rockagie,
    thanks for introducing yourself, we're happy to have you join us! Our FTB Revelation server launches on Friday, so you've found us right on time. I hope you enjoy playing in our community and have a good time, see you around!