• Age: 19
    Country: Australia
    Ban History: N/A
    I found this server on the MC Public Server List

    I am applying to this server because i have no played modded minecaft for a while now and am looking to get back into it. I used to play on a couple of whitelist/blacklist tekkit servers back in 1.2.5 so i know what the community is about. I've played on public servers since then but its just not as good as you get so many people screwing around without cause. I work fulltime so i dont have a whole lot of to play but when i can i hope to jump on.

    Hope you take a look at this application. Cheers.

  • Staff

    Hi there, Husk!
    Thanks for applying, I've gone ahead and added you to our white-list. Hope you have a good time getting back into the game after your break, there'll be a lot of new things to be discovered!
    Welcome to Stonebound, looking forward to meeting you.

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