• Age: 18
    Country: Brazil
    Successfull Girl/Woman hah
    Hi, there!
    I started playing minecraft when i was 10yr old (you know how to count, dont you? haha), and I still play it even if my friends say it's "child thing".. But whatever xD
    I'm into building a LOT! Like, a lot. One of my favorites mods is Chisel, of course. I like that in the new version it added a "bits" thing that you can LITERALLY make your own block. Its crazy. I like adventure mods too, and the tech ones, kinda of..
    I'm excited to play at Stonebound servers because i've always wanted to play in a cozy, peacefull and successful community like that. I hope i can get into the whitelist and hope i can help other players with all things possible. I have a lot of time now that im on vacation, so that should be interesting.
    I'm also opened to new things, like helping in buildings, maps and all.
    See ya!

  • Staff

    Heyo, thank you for your interest!
    No judging here, we have plenty of people double your age that still play :)
    I've added you to our whitelist, hope you have a good time here and welcome to Stonebound.

  • @phit Thanks!
    I hope i can be as good as the server and grow up with it.

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