Warping out of the End failed badly!

  • Hello :) Thanks for adding me to the server, much appreciated. I have a little problem.. I warped to the End at Spawn (on revelations) and that went fine, but when I tried to leave the end I hoped on the portal closest to the sign that said "spawn" and I was teleported to the Nether and locked in a dungeon owned by Nebbne1st? I think the name was? spelling may be a bit off.. and well I could not leave at all, could not warp out, could not /home or /spawn.. the teleporter in there would not let me out.. I ended up holding my character against the RF Shield wall until I died and I lost all my diamond armor, diamond shield and bouncy boots also some ender pearls and end stone which is why I went to the end to begin with... My grave should still be there and the co-ordinates for my death in the Nether dungeon is X -688 and Z-688 and Y 73.

    Thank you for any help with this matter.

  • Update: Some people helped me get my stuff back, one person blew a hole in the back of the prison of doom and another gave me a mining lazer to break my grave SO I have everything back.

  • Thank you for posting this. Your misfortune was highly entertaining to read. bouncy boots... awesome.

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