• IGN: AuronReinhart
    Name: prefer not to share too much personal info over public forums
    Age: 28
    Location: Australia
    Ban History: none
    Reason for applying: tried a few other revelations servers, ran into issues from latiency, to inactive player base, to being griefed by admin.
    Looking for a reasonably active server to try the new 1.12.2 minecraft features, as well as being able to play without being harrassed or made to feel my place was not safe.
    I am looking for a place for my partner and I to both play together and the idea of no begging children in chat and a reasonably mature playerbase seemed like an attractive offer.
    My partner and I were both active during the 1.7.10 boom of modpacks and after stopping to play other games we'd like something we could enjoy together without us needing to host a private server.
    her favourite modpack was probably ftb infinity, the reason we chose revelations, as its pretty much a great general purpose modpack.
    my fav pack would probably have to be the technic blightfall pack as i prefer HQM packs and it gave quite a challenge while still offering suprises at every tier of progress.

    as i would prefer to keep as much of my personal life away from my gaming life, i won't go into too much detail about hobbies other than obviously gaming in my spare time, and cooking (used to be a chef before changing careers).

    hopefully your server is a suitable fit to what i am after in a server and i can contribute some uniquely flavoured builds to the server.
    guess i hope to hear from you soon?

  • also my partners IGN is Brokennail when she puts her application in, if that matters at all. but yeah, she will probably be the one i will be playing with the majority of the time. (ps. she does some pretty awesome sandstone/marble houses)

  • Staff

    Heyo, I think you will have a good time here and not run into any of those issues you mentioned, if you do let our staff know and we will definitely look into it!
    I added you both to our whitelist, have fun playing on the server and I'll see you in game soon ;)