• Hey there,
    My username is Churoman, mainly due to the fact that I like the sugary snack of churros. I have been playing minecraft for about 5 years, since around the 1.4 update. I actually got into minecraft probably around 4 years ago and just kept chugging. Once I got introduced to modded I was sort of bored but then I joined a modded server which just added a whole new level to the experience and gave me people to compete against. Now recently that server died so I wanted to join a new one. So a friend told me about this server and I decided to request a join. The only time that I was banned from a server was when on a server they accidentally allowed anyone to ban anyone and I tried to ban myself for .1 seconds but it turns out the ban command doesn't work with fractions of seconds, making it so I perma banned myself! Right now I am 16 and personally I find nei jei or tmi to be some of the best mods because they are all basically necessary for almost all other mods.
    Thanks for your time,

  • Staff

    Hey Churoman!
    Thanks for the application, I've added you to the white-list. Hope you get enough competition and that you enjoy playing on the servers, try not to ban yourself this time. See you around!

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