Creative steam generators and other things spawning where they shouldn't

  • Hello!

    since I have been on the ATM3 server the mining world after a reset would;

    A. any mining I did "sometimes" would reset after a reset but other times when I mined it would not reset.

    B. Big Reactors creative steam generators, orange concrete blocks and birch fences (there are some others I cant think of atm as the lag is bad) would spawn in the place of ores. I mined a few of them to see if they would revert and they didn't (they are at my base I will give them to whoever I need to).

    Just a bug report for someone with a little more programming knowledge than me to maybe do something with.

    let me know if you need any help I am usually on in the afternoons (central time).

  • Staff

    Yeah, that whole mod is so bugged, I will remove the dimension now and replace peoples stuff they have in there. Announcement will follow shortly.