• Hello, my name is Runefactor, I go by Rune however.
    I am a 30 year old man from Indiana, United States.
    I cannot recall any bans, however that does not mean that it isn't possible I was banned from somewhere, just can't recall.
    Minecraft is a hobby of mine after work. Not a real crazy player, however I do play a lot (Minus falling asleep at the keyboard), has happened a few to many times.
    I am the crops, the crops are me. Typical play style is to find whatever farming/crop growing mods are in a pack, and just go crazy (to a certain degree) with them.
    Build enough tech wise to make life easier, but typically don't hit late game tech until months into a pack.

    However the crops are god. That is all.

    Anywho if I'm accepted to the server I mostly play nights / weekends unless I'm out with friends / drunk as a skunk / or enjoying a long marathon of anime.
    Other hobbies include Diablo 2, 4x games, reading books, sleeping, drinking new brews, watching crappy youtube stuff, the occasional movie, and sleeping. Did I mention sleeping?

    Cannot think of anything else to add, so I'm gonna go pass out. Check back with you all tomorrow or so.

    Thanks for reading my application. May your day be enjoyable.

  • Staff

    Hello runefactor,
    Thank you for your interest in joining this community. I've gone ahead and added you to the whitelist, so come in and join whenever you like.
    I'm sure you will love mystical agriculture, plenty of really powerful crops that keep you busy for quite some time. Enjoy playing on Stonebound!