All the Mods 3 updated to 4.0

  • Staff

    We just updated the server to the latest version, you can find the changelog below.

    The 1.12.2 Update

    New Mods

    • Added AE2 Stuff
    • Added Blockcraftery
    • Added Diet Hoppers
    • Added Computronics


    • Fixed Extreme Reactor's graphite not being obtainable in simplified mode (closes #170)
    • Fixed ATM Star not being craftable in simplified mode
    • Buffed saturation given from Harvestcraft foods
    • Disabled Harvestcraft gardens, grass now drops all pam's seeds (closes #169)
    • Energy Core: recipe no longer requires reactor core (no need to farm chaos shards for every ATM star)
    • Removed Recipe for Creative AE2 Disk and Mek tank as they allow infinite "vending" of items/fluids
    • Added recipes to convert TR and IC2 reinforced glass interchangeably.
    • Reduced number of Bauxite dust given from combiner with aluminum dust to prevent free resource loop (closes #175)

    New Forge

    • Updated forge to 2493

    And of course

    • Updated All the Mods

  • Do you know by chance if this fixed the problem that is deleting thermal expansion servos and deleting mana in mana pools?

  • Staff

    that issue was never reported to me for our server, so no clue