• Hey there. IGN's AVRGForum though I prefer to go by Forum in most games. I'm 17 and I live in the US, specifically in the northeast area. I don't often play Minecraft, especially on public servers, so I can't really say I've been banned and I've certainly never lied about my age. I'm interested in joining the server as several of my friends have recently joined and it's always fun to play MC with good people. When I do play on public servers however, I enjoy keeping to my own corner of the world to build, though I'm not very experienced, so I don't really make anything particularly interesting, but I enjoy interaction with the community. I don't have much if any experience with the mods this game has to offer, so I can't really say I have a favorite, lol.

    I hope you will allow me to join this server, Thank you for your time.

  • Staff

    Hey Forum,
    Enjoy learning more about mods with your friend, just added you to the whitelist!
    Welcome to Stonebound and I'll see you around.