• Hello everyone!

    My IGN is Manchot999 and I've been playing Minecraft for almost 4 years now. I am 15.5 years old. I used to play on an All The Mods 2 server which sadly shut down after 6 months or so. While looking for another server to start on, I came across Stonebound and would be interested in joining the ATM3 server (there used to be almost no 1.12 mods, but it seems there are more now, so I am eager to try them out). My favorite mod is The Betweenlands, it's in 1.10.2 for now but I still hope they will update it one day, the amount of small details put into that mod is astonishing. I prefer to play a modpack with mods I've never heard of though, since first impressions are always the best. I have a general preference for mods with a magical theme or focused on exploration more than complex machines.

    I have been banned once on a small modded server which has been shut down some time ago. It was the first time I played modded Minecraft and thought it was a good idea to punch an unstable Thaumcraft node in someone's base. Grave mistake, lessons learned.

    I have never lied about my age.

    Thank you for reading,


  • Staff

    Heya, thank you for your interest!
    Enjoy playing around with 1.12 on our servers, added you to the whitelist. Welcome to Stonebound.

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