• Hi, I'm Shadow.
    I am 22 years of age and a new brand new streamer who is looking for a server and some interesting people to play MC with and have a "survival buddy" or a few? ^_^ I have a bad habit of being scatterbrained and playing with other people helps me to focus because I just tend to take their goals as mine when we are building together. I found this server through a quick google for FTB Beyond servers. I would like permission to stream on this server and if all goes well hopefully help your community to grow as well as my own.

    Thanks for the time and consideration! :)

    For any questions regarding my stream you can read my profile @

    and join my discord from there to message me directly if needed.

  • Staff

    Hey, thank you for your interest!
    I added you to our whitelist, have fun on the server and welcome to Stonebound ;)
    Streaming is of course allowed for everyone, so good luck with growing your stream here.

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