• Hello. I'm dklink750, currently I am 16 years old. I reside in Ontario, Canada. This server has piqued my interest as some friends of mine are currently playing on it (Jarek718 and Kremixx). I have a keen interest in fairly small communities which is why this server was also appealing to me. I also enjoy other players in the server having respect and being cordial which is why I like the system of applications. I don't really like living near others too much besides my friends and generally like being isolated on Minecraft servers, although if some other players on the server ask questions or need help I'd be happy to.

    As I have written before some of my friends are currently playing on the server which is how I have found this server. Also, I have been playing minecraft since early alpha (The redstone update to be exact) and have a vast knowledge on modpacks and vanilla Minecraft. Lastly, I have hosted numerous servers dating back to Minecraft Classic. Anyways, thanks for considering inviting me to the server!

  • Staff

    Added you to the whitelist, have fun playing on the server and welcome to Stonebound!